Update 0.0.1 - new abilities!


Pleased to push out a new update! As promised, there are now lots of shiny new abilities across all characters! Too many for me to list here, you'll just have to download it and see them for yourself!

Along with updated abilities, there have been a couple of bug fixes around the sewer bosses.

That leaves the planned updates list looking like this:

  • Extra abilities - a click-and-charge attack on the left mouse button to replace the current auto-attack and a secondary ability planted on the right mouse button
  • Lots of Interactive level elements - aside from many enemies, introduce traps, destructible furnishings and puzzle elements
  • Run maps - currently there are only 2 runs (culminating in boss fights and castle keys) and it's not clear how many levels there are to them, or where you need to go. Run maps and improved level design will improve this greatly
  • Sound effects to accompany Ove Melaas great music (I'm a very big fan, check it out, super ambient)
  • More content - plenty more runs, enemies and loot!!

It looks fairly short, but believe me it is a heck-of-a-lotta work!

Check back soon for more!


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Oct 10, 2017

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