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This is (finally) the first playable of my new roguelike action RPG, Aarenjizeus! Featuring perma-death, buckets of loot, lots of levels and even more enemies, Aarenjizeus sets you as the hero trying to save the kingdom from a great evil that has locked itself in the castle and scattered the keys far and wide. To save the kingdom, you will need the help of the great deity, Aarenjizeus, who rules over all things random. By visiting the temple, you can buy their favour and permanently improve your chances of loot drops across all characters.

The game is still very much in development, but some of the main elements are here for you to enjoy! There are a couple of playable runs and there are plans for lots of improvements along the way, if you have any feedback or find any bugs then do let me know and we can shape Aarenjizeus into a really great game together!

Planned updates to come include:

  • Extra abilities - a click-and-charge attack on the left mouse button to replace the current auto-attack and a secondary ability planted on the right mouse button
  • Interactive level elements - aside from many enemies, introduce traps, destructible furnishings and some puzzle elements
  • Run maps - currently there are only 2 runs (culminating in boss fights and castle keys) and it's not clear how many levels there are to them, or where you need to go. Run maps and improved level design will improve this greatly
  • More content - plenty more runs, enemies and loot!!


Aarenjizeus 0.0.0.exe 31 MB
Oct 01, 2017

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