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Aarenjizeus is a fantasy roguelike action RPG from the solo developer TC Games. In Aarenjizeus, you are trying to save the kingdom and gain the favour of the great deity, Aarenjizeus!

The kingdom has been taken over by a great evil who has locked themselves in the Castle and scattered the Castle keys throughout the kingdom. The High Priest to Aarenjizeus implores you to save the kingdom from the truly awful threat that overshadows the world! To help you on your adventures, you can buy the favour of Aarenjizeus and permanently improve your chances of loot drops across all characters!

Work your way through deep dungeons, killing monsters, solving puzzles, beating bosses, getting loot, grabbing keys, pleasing Aarenjizeus and saving the kingdom!!

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The game is still in development, but please feel free to use the comments below to ask questions, give feedback or report any bugs!


All art assets used under license from www.oryxdesignlab.com

All scores produced by Ove Melaa.


Aarenjizeus 0.0.1 31 MB

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